My First Tableau Public Viz!

October is a great time of year. It’s full of age-old traditions like the changing of the color of leaves, the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte (not a personal favorite but I bet a few of you know what I mean) and who can forget about Halloween. The one I look forward to every year is the Major League Baseball playoffs and it’s culmination in the World Series. Every season brings unforgettable memories and this year’s playoffs have been exciting as ever. Who knows, maybe this is the year the Cubs can finally win it all!

Unfortunately for me, my New York Yankees didn’t make the postseason and I’ll have to wait see if they can pull it off next year. So while I count down the days until Spring Training 2017, I thought I’d take a look back in history and reflect on their tradition of winning. If you’re a fan like me (or just love baseball and data), take a few minutes to soak in the nostalgia of 114 years of New York Yankees history.

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