Vizibly Diffrnt’s New Home

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24 Oct 2015

Welcome to the new home for Vizibly Diffrnt, a blog about data visualization. My name is Mark Jacobson and while I’m new to the blogging world, I’m no stranger to data and the wondrous things you can do with it. My journey with data first started 10 years ago but it wasn’t until I discovered Tableau in 2013 that my opinion of what business intelligence should be was forever altered. For me, Tableau unleashed a way to deliver insights to my colleagues through the power of interactive, colorful and dynamic tools that made all other methods obsolete. Gone were the endless grids of data that users would have to pour over for hours to glean the smallest of insights. What lay before me was a canvas of endless options for me to tell stories with data, an opportunity to be…vizibly diffrnt!

This blog will focus on telling stories with data, data visualization best practices, tips and tricks to help you through the challenges of creating powerful dashboards, and how to scale your server environments to deliver the best Tableau experiences for your audience.

Data to the people,



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